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Hi, I’m Lisa Melling BSc (Hons), a qualified Sports Therapist who works with clients at my premises in Ripon, and a chiropractic and physiotherapy centre in Harrogate.  I also offer a mobile service providing sports massage services in your home.

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Sports Therapy Services

Sports Massage

Sports massage is an area of sports science that is receiving increased recognition for the benefits it can deliver to sports people and lesser active people of all ages and abilities.  Read more…

Dry Needling

Dry Needling, also known as Medical Acupuncture, is an effective and efficient technique for the treatment of muscular pain and myofascial dysfunction.  Lisa is a qualified practitioner.  Read more…

Kinesio Taping

Kinesiology Taping accelerates the healing process for sporting injuries and inflammatory conditions and it can be left on the muscle or joint for up to five days.                                   Read more…

Injury Rehab

If you have an injury, strain or sprain and would like a full postural and injury assessment, please contact LMM Sports Therapy asap to discuss how Sports Therapy could help you.

A practical and professional approach to Sports Therapy

Whatever your level of sporting ability, or even if you just have some lifestyle related aches and pains that you’d benefit from treatment for, Lisa offers a professional, practical and confidential service in Ripon, Harrogate and the surrounding locations.  During your initial consultation, you can expect a thorough assessment of your problem areas, as well as the appropriate treatment and a detailed future care plan.

Competitive sports person, fitness fan or a gymophobe?

Whether you are:

  • A top level athlete who needs help to recover from an injury
  • A keen amateur preparing for an upcoming sporting event
  • A fitness enthusiast
  • A person who is suffering pain and discomfort as a result of work-related postural issues  

….Sports Therapy can make a difference to your performance, your rehabilitation and your overall physical well-being.



Competitive Sports

For a competitive sports person, being in optimal physical condition is essential.  LMM Sports Therapy offers injury assessment, injury rehabilitation and soft techniques, including massage and medical acupuncture, to prepare you for your next sporting event.


Even if you do not compete in sports events regularly, or at a high level, a niggling injury or a restricted range of motion can negatively impact many areas of your life.  LMM Sports Therapy also offers assessment of muscular imbalance and testing of muscular firing patterns.

Physical Well-Being

It’s not just sports people who can benefit from Sports Therapy.  If you have ‘tech neck’ as a result of spending your working life behind a computer screen, if you are standing for long periods of time, or even driving long distances, you may have stiffness or pain that can be alleviated by a Sports Massage.
“Hi Lisa, just wanted to say …..thank you.

My neck feels sooo much better!!!  I’ve also been using the hot water bottle, combined with some deep pectoral stretching, and it’s really freed it up.

It’s amazing as I have been suffering with this for months – so thank you

See you in a few weeks!!

#Magic Touch”

Ed R.


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