Sports Massage Therapy

During the London 2012 Olympics, Sports Massage accounted for around 36% of the treatment provided to athletes, second only to physiotherapy, and it is something that everyone else can benefit from too.  The benefits and effects of deep tissue massage are now widely documented, and it is recognised as an integral aspec tof an athlete’s pre-event preparation as well as post-event treatment and rehabilitation.

But taking care of your body, and helping it to achieve its optimal performance, isn’t just for high performance sportsmen and women, but for anyone whose own ‘high performance sport’ could be the day job that they choose to do.  With so many people now living increasingly sedentary and desk bound lives, the resulting postural problems create stress on the body which may then be further compounded by a session of high intensity exercise.

Sports Massage works on the body’s ligaments and tendons and releases the fine sheath, called a fascia, that covers the entire muscular system and which, if not released, can cause a range of aches, pains or injuries.  The techniques used by a qualified and experience sports massage therapist will improve lymphatic drainage, enable the myofascial release previously referred to, and generally improve the suppleness of the muscles and soft tissue.

A massage therapy treatment plan can help to alleviate sports specific conditions such as tennis and golfers’ elbow, a range of sprains and strains, and plantar fasciitis (jogger’s heel), as well as more common complaints such as back and neck pain, or any pain or stiffness that results in a reduced range of motion.

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